Manufacture of computer and mobile software

Dynamic Media Companion Vice President (Web Companion) provides unique web design services that you can easily use.

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Augmented Reality

Are you interested in building Augmented Reality (AR) applications? Get the job done by an expert.

game making

If you would like to turn your scenario into two-dimensional 3D games, we are here to help you. It is our expertise to make all kinds of games with the best quality and the least amount of time.

software production

Develop a variety of software for PC, Android, IOS platforms

Making Animation

Media Companions strives to produce engaging and memorable animations and always strives to deliver a quality that is competitive with customer satisfaction.

Web Design

Vice President of Dynamic Media Companions Virtual Space (Web Companions) has provided you with unique web design services that you can easily use our services

Industrial teaser and documentary teaser

Do you want to be easily recognized and introduce your service to others? Do you want to document your projects and present them to your clients? Leave it to us to get the best result.

Triangle Corporate Template

A responsive, retina-ready & wide multipurpose template.


By installing Adlock Lock screen, your phone will become an advertising medium for which you select the category of ads. You will also receive coins by viewing ads on the lock screen and clicking on them, or even installing programs that work for you, and with those coins you can buy a recharge or try your luck at the wheel (we hope you win your grand prize) In fact, in addition to the ads that you would like to see on the lock screen, there are other things: the function of the conversation by day, week and month, the current exchange rate of coins and coins, etc., a word in Latin with translation that if you click the method , Shows you a sample sentence made with a photo, also shows you the religious times in relation to the province you choose. To enter and use the Adlak facilities, you must register. When registering, a brief description of some of the features will be displayed, then by entering the code once, the password will be sent to you, and by entering the code, you will be allowed to enter the payment. * Note that to ensure the security of the program, each mobile number can only register on one device, and by registering on the second device, the previous account will be locked by the program robot and will no longer be usable, and all its coins. Will be unusable.

big fruit market

A comprehensive application for use in leek fields and fruit shops to control everything. In this program, all categories suitable for user use are provided. You can choose the type of fruit and even its quality. For cargo delivery, a separate section is provided in which the seller can enter the buyer information and the type of purchase in cash or credit to be informed of the sale of cargo to customers. There are different categories for different types of fruits that can make this program the same program that users of this class need.

Haram nama

An application for the pilgrims of Imam Hussein in which they can easily see the correct path and distance to the shrine by taking the phone horizontally and using the location and position finder of the phone and travel to the shrine. In the application, the user can see the distance to the destination from any point where he is present and know the remaining distance.


big fruit market

Haram nama

Calligraphy museum

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